Make trip planning a true group effort.

I’ve officially graduated from SVA MFA Interaction Design. Here, I’m sharing my love for travel and my Master thesis with you. After 8 months, this is where I landed, but I plan to continue iterating the concept. …

Yesterday, I attended the Hang Time by Dribbble, a one-day inspiration fest at Manhattan Center. Thanks to Johny Vino for the ticket and his amazing talk as a conference speaker. While looking for my job opportunities, it was a great time to soak up all the knowledge from leaders and…

After showing people the two major screens from proof of concept phase, I iterated the design based feedback.

Image credit: Tanawat Sakdawisarak


Timeframe: one week. Due March 18

  • Total: 8 people
  • First round: 2 people (by 3/15) to iterate on the interview guide
  • Second round: 2 groups of 3 people (by 3/18)

Recruit Users

  • Test with two classmates first to iterate the interview script.
  • Recruit travelers who are planning trips or recently planned…

At the end of February, we presented the proof of concept of our thesis. I shifted my visual design from mobile to a browser-based interface. From my research, mobile-first is the trend in the travel industry giving users the mobility and accessibility to bite on the go. However, from user…

Thesis festival is just a couple of months away and I have mapped out my prototype plan to keep myself on track with the design process. I know this will keep changing as I am developing the prototype, but here is version #1.

Prototype Plan V1

This is the first version of the value proposition, which needed to be confined and iterated.

This design exercise intended to help with decision making among various ideas developed so far; however, it is not really helpful in my case when I am evaluating what kind of features I need to incorporate into the app. Though it helped me to take a step back and think about what is really needed by the users. Ultimately, I am not designing for myself.

This week I look closer to the user journey when planning a trip. It can be broken down into three main parts: pre-trave, in-destination, and post-travel. …

Jennifer Wei

MFA Interaction Design student @svaixd

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