The Importance of Reason

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Too often humanity overlooks thinking, whether it is thinking about what is for dinner or thinking about real world problems. Every day, people run into serious problems caused by many factors. One of which is illogical thinking. Some don’t even realize the harm generated when not thinking properly. Whether people want to or not, learning about ways to properly think can prevent issues from being created and disasters from occurring. One’s ability to think correctly can be easily obtained if the person is willing. The human race can be regenerated if we can all recognize the errors in thinking.

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The first error in thinking that causes the most problems are that individuals experience faulty memories. To begin with, a woman posted her story about alien abduction but claimed that some pieces of the story were foggy. The storyteller exclaimed that this occurred years before she was telling this story providing the evidence that she is relying on her inaccurate memory. This is an excellent example of faulty memory because the storyteller couldn’t completely remember all of her story that confirms her statement to prove her point is weak. Another exquisite example is that some memories can only occur through hypnosis. For instance, many people claim to be abducted by aliens, but the stories are only remembered through hypnosis. During hypnosis, people getting hypnotized can create their memories and stories that never actually happened. One example of hypnosis is a married couple was driving one night when they saw something suspicious in the sky; they believed it was a UFO. After this sight, they woke up a few miles down the road and could only recall memories during hypnosis. Lastly, there have been many false claims of culprits. Additionally, when something traumatic happens to a person, they are called into the police station to identify the suspect. Most of the time, the witness experiences faulty memory and describes the suspect incorrectly. Also, when shown different suspects, the witness and victim will most likely claim that the individual never committed the crime, resulting in a serious problem because many innocent people are convicted while criminals go free.

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A second error in thinking that is a major stumbling back is confirmation bias. The first example that proves this is the belief in mediums. A relevant example is Theresa Caputo. Theresa is a medium that thousands trust due to her “accuracy.” When paying close attention, one can tell that Theresa is just asking broad questions to people about their passed loved ones. People go into these readings expecting the medium to find information about their late loved ones, so it creates the placebo effect. The placebo effect occurs when you go into something with expectation, and your mind tricks you into thinking it happened. Another example is the belief in loch ness monster. For instance,many people see strange objects in the water and just assume it is Nessie. This example is confirmation bias because the viewer observes an unknown entity and doesn’t see past their opinion. Lastly, acupuncture is said to heal your body. Many people consider getting acupuncture because they want to feel better. Believing that the acupuncture will work tricks their minds into actually believing it, triggering the placebo effect and creating the impression that their body is healing and ignores any evidence against it.

A final error in thinking that is most significant is an argument from ignorance. First of all, when people see strange objects in the sky, they refer to it as a ufo, creating an argument from ignorance because they never considered the scientific evidence that proves what the object was, not what they assume it was. Secondly, people who see crop circles automatically demand that no human could create such a thing so it must’ve been aliens. This crop circle phenomenon is an argument from ignorance because they don’t consider alternative possibilities, only sticking to erroneous beliefs. Finally, with the Apollo moon landing, many realized that there weren’t any stars in the photographs taken so a Hollywood filmmaker must’ve produced it, creating an argument from ignorance because they never referred to the scientific evidence that proves why no stars were present.

Given these points, illogical thinking can create a variety of problems, Many including the harm of an individual or harm to many others. Flawed thinking is extremely detrimental to society’s future. Without people thinking correctly, our world can be tarnished or in a dark hole. Educating humans on the correct ways to think can save our species in unimaginable ways. Looking at the way this world works now, it is evident that intelligence is necessary. Many prominent public figures are showing signs of illogical thinking but no sign of self-awareness. It is up to the younger generation to save this world from danger and humankind from suffering.