Sushi Dojo Review: Not Worth It

Last Saturday night I had dinner at Sushi Dojo in East Village. In my opinion, the manager of the restaurant appeared to be incredibly drunk and made us very uncomfortable. Some of the highlights include:

-The manager drinking with the customers next to us and being very loud all night.
-The manager twice giving my brother a hard time for not drinking when we said multiple times he did not drink
-The manager interjecting into our conversation by telling us that Florida voted for Trump “because they are smart”
-The manager telling us Hillary Clinton is a crook
-The manager loudly and repeatedly talking with the customers next to us about how he much enjoys doing cocaine. 
-The manager loudly saying to one of the customers next to us so that everyone in the restaurant could here: “You voted for Trump. Me too. Thank God you are not a fucking idiot.”
-The manager repeatedly asking one of the sushi chefs very loudly, “DO YOU EAT CLIT?”
-In my opinion, it seemed like the manager was peer pressuring one of the sushi chefs to take shots of sake when he clearly did not want to drink. He would pretend to drink it and place the glass on a shelf behind him.
-After repeatedly saying we did not want to talk about politics with him saying over and over again, “Clinton voters need to stop crying.”

The food was good. The rest of the staff was really nice and 4 people who work there apologized for his behavior but there is nothing they could do because he is their boss. He is not just their boss, it seems to be that he is also the owner’s son. Oh and he kept calling my brother “mustache”, which isn’t necessarily bad just really stupid and sort of funny, I guess? I’m not complaining about this as if it was a traumatic experience I’m just trying to say, don’t eat at Sushi Dojo. In my opinion, the manager is a jerk.