I had a dream that I was practicing piano!!

yes. It is,
Now that I remembered that one day I woke up.
Felt strange, I asked my self how come I practice piano in the dream?
I haven’t play piano for a long long time, and in the dream I seemed like just started from quite easy keys.
No way that I would play piano again, especially life is busy, there is no time for that?! I said to my self back then after I had that dream.

:) ~

Well, Now that I remembered,

I can see, it always seems odd when the dream showes something in the future,that moment of me isn’t the me at this moment of the future, that moment of me hardly can understand about it cuz the future hasn’t come yet.
But it all make sense now.

Which I always try to remind myself, no matter how odd the dream is .it might be true.it always shows what I want to do what my passion is, I am growing and learning as always. Don’t double myself first, try to understand more, try to be more open.

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