We are in universe. (dream, a draft)

It started with two man out side its ship, they are in mission for something, but they fine “me”. A female, I am bigger, I feel, stronger, or maybe that is how everyone looks like .I don’t remember where I came from, memory loss? Guess so.
They took us together , we are at a surface of some planet, running back to their ship, there are some tall robot look machine working on some materials, stone or something, dig the planet for some reason, they seem to be the enemy built, but the ship just stand next to this whole thing, I ask them, why not hide a bit, they seem like they can see you, the answer is no attack from not hide, so seems ok.

I have been always feeling strange about it, cuz, all the time they don’t hide , I mean even if they don’t attract, it might not means they can’t see you!!

we jump in from the top of this ship. It looks very small, small body with for thin long legs. So forget about how I jumped.
Inside is really big, with like 10+ppl. Caption say we need to move,

Two guy at the beginning, lets call them A and B.
A left with the team, me and B and another one we all still in the ship. But B is about to leave as well, at ask him what about this ship if everyone goes, he says you can drive. But I can’t.. So, he stays.

Memory blur~
Maybe we left? To find something? Maybe we just chat.
I remember I said ppl here are nice, they don’t put too strong imagination even on words. When they describe the criminal they won’t use the clear words but more hidden to avoid of saying something vey bad.
At this moment they use 3 Chinese letters to describe.
I somehow learned a bit ship? Or not when I have to?

We might left the ship, back with danger, with the ship is about to leave? Or these robot start to attract. Or both.
The whole story was perfect connected but I can’t put them all together well after awake.

We fly away this planet, but some reason we need to be back. Maybe we need to watch this robot? Since we land right next to those robot area. Not like in front of them as before. But still not much hide, I try to convince them to be more careful. That’s why it is here now I guess. We are at robot’s right side which means we can see them from our left side .but they have a big castle style house? I don’t remember see it before, big and tall.

Now this ship seems just us, A B and me, we feel like fall asleep after watching here for a while, everything feels so quite, right at this moment, they start to attract us. That we need to fly away///

I am waking up with many messy things around me, makes me quite hard to memorize the whole thing, it is all pictures, put them into words seems loosing the informations.

Somehow when we are in she ship in this universe, I left them, I am in an area where everything stops, nothing is happening, its so enjoy of staying this area that I just don’t have to do anything.
This is like the area all books says, the area where you will be at after you die, the resting of the soul.

But you can never just stay forever its just a port a transition spot where you take a rest, get recover. It’s not the end, you still need to moving to find your own answer finish what you have left.

I awake, went to find A, seems like I like A from the beginning but not brave to say it. I’m going to find him and tell him, no matter how he thinks , what his answer will be.

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