That’s why they ARE against globalization: before it gained momentum, there was an “food chain” set…
Christopher F. Vota

Gregory, am a simple man, but I understand most of what you wrote and agree with it or enough at least to think we are sort of on the same page. I celebrate Globalization….not because it isn’t and hasn’t been used for nefarious and predatory commercial trickery, but simply because everybody seems to get a better place at the table.

Perhaps I should use a different word, but multi-cultural is the only other words that i can think of . Would it be better perhaps?

The bottom line is I reject the current super-nationalism with its clinging to the supposed “old ways” of 1950 because bottom line, while my skin may be white, in fact pale enough to glow in the dark, and nominally,questionally Christian (if it is defined as following the way of Jesus instead of the beliefs about Jesus) but the rest of them don’t apply to me…I ain’t rich etc.

Commerce and economics goes right over my head…but I am aware that even things that I supported like Free Trade as applied ended up helping to destroy the previously already precarious financial situation of some. I supported it because I WANT to be able to get Mexican goods without to much hassle, as will as goods from every other country…I like global trade.

What missed my view at the time is that many businesses used that free trade to then ship the jobs to cheaper countries and helping in the downfall of the middle class in the United States.

Personally every day I am fiinding the principals of socialism, especially democratic socialism to be a potental alternative to the mess we have gotten ourselves into.

I just know that the trump people who want to return to the days of homogenization of our culture can not provail without huge amounts of suffering.

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