We Just Lost The Battle Over The GOP Tax Bill. Where Do We Go From Here?

I have been frustrated. Not the most politically involved person, beyond voting, for years and years, I woke up when trump was runing and even more so when he won. I was part of about 7–8 protests at the kick off, but then things went silent. I knew there was a problem when all i could find for what seemed like months was invitations to call our representation.

Now, I live in Louisana. I have a good representative, but our senators are both part of the problem and can’t be changed with a fricking phone call. I pretty much stopped calling because I knew the reaction i would get. Cassidy, in particular is one of the worst of the trump supporting, anti-American citizenry republicans up there.

His solution for our complaints is to reinterate HIS plan, which is always the opposite what we the people want. Sadly, this is a very red state and we on the progressive side can’t really do much without loud in the street protests.

A town hall, the last one that I know of that he had, bot shouted down, that very ways with lots of people protesting…..and doing so loudly.

As much as i hate the very idea of ending up in jail especially since I have never been there in my 64 years, I am moving toward the very idea that you suggest. Civil Disobedience may be precisely what is required. But I am not about to be out there alone, or with a very very small group…that would be a form of sucide.

Thanks for this truly impressive “rant” and I have bookmarked it to come back and read some of your links.