Liberals’ Disregard for Community has Generated a Worldwide Backlash
Emma Lindsay

I read this and realized that you describe a world that I have very little connection to. I have far more community now than I ever did in the 1960 1970’s and even the 1980s.

My “good old days” were way after I left the community I was raised in. In fact, it would be more correct to say that I never had a comnumity…..not the old kind that you discrible

As a child, I was ostrasied because I didn’t fit in at school. For a variety reasons I never had any friends. For one thing, I am and was gay, and it is hard for a gay kid born in 1953 ts have had a community. Any sense of something being different, for various reasons I didnt like roughthousing like the other boys, so I simply was a loner.

My mother and I were pretty much for my “community”. So, the idea of a ‘community” as you describe is not a value for me…it is really to flee…I know I did not fare well in small town middle America.

I have to say that, for me, it is only through the liberal framework that I was able to have community and for me it was nothing like your discribe. I see conservatives as wanting to turn back the clock…and for me it doesn’t realy matter if it is Betty Crocker, Jim Crow or small rural commuinities. I don’t fit and never did with any of that.

For me, liberals brough us unions that make large corporations pay decent salaries for our work… that was done in a 40 hour week. No overtime without time and 1/2 pay. Again liberal = good in my world while conservatives seem to want to destroy everything that has afforded me a good life….of couse for me, “community’ is interestions with those with similar interests…to this day I have absolutely no interest in visiting my next door neighbor…unless we are both frends otherwise. I am much more likely to be friends with someone across town because we both like Science Fiction.

I think what I am learning here is that it depends on one’s life experience. I dont really understand the conservative definitation of “community’ because I have never, in my 63, years had it more than I do now.

What I see trump and his supporters doing is ripping MY life jacket off me, and trying to plunge me back into the horrible isolation of “not belonging anywhere” that i feel growing.

Not everybody had a “good old days” to go back..they sound like hell on earth to me. :)

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