Could not have put it any better.
Linda Fish

I suspect that bottom Line for Roy Moore, the fact that African Americans voted at all is a sad disappointment to his political agenda and him personally. After his comment that “even thought we had slavery, families took care of each other back then…..,.” I don’t see how he could have gotten ANY votes from African American folk and of course with Doug Jones bringing the KKK members to justice, they were doubly motivated.

It shows that if we can just get people to see what is in their best interest, who will work for them more than the other group, people will vote. It is encumbent of us who see the writting on the way to convince them…fortunately many republicans are like Roy Moore and lay it all out there for folks to see.

I posted something on facebook and somebody commented “someone that thinks that the democrats are helping the people.” I simply responded they are doing so more than the republicans.

I get annoyed with the “perfect or nothing” group almost as much as the trump supporters. They dilute our efforts.

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