What Would It Take For Black People Become “White”?
Mark Philip Lichtenstein

I think the only thing that might bring us all together is if army of purple pokla dot alligators invaded earth and begin eating us all regardless of the color of our skin or what language we spoke. Looking at human history thought, I would have to wonder if that love and accepance of differences would only last till the lizard people were expelled, and then we would end up going back to our orginal construct again. Sounds gloomy I know but so does the idea that “white nationalistics” should have so much support in 2017

There is racism in New Orleans …don’t get me wrong, but there is acually less than many other places because the lines are a bit harder to see. With the creole/cajun origins of the city, those lines got blurred a long time ago.

In the just done, mayoral election, it wasn’t a matter of which white man to vote for because all but maybe 2 or 3 of the 20 running were black…notically so. So the quesiton wasn’t anything else that which candidate was the best one. And looking at the field of candidates, the decision was made that 2 Black women were the strongest candidates.

Now we just have to weed though the rumors to determine which black woman is crook..LOL Cuz, you know what, regardless of race issues, politicians are pretty much same and the mudslinging WILL begin. LOL

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