(How) America’s on the Cusp of Historic Transformation
umair haque

Personally, i see signs for hope, but also some pretty distressing things going on right now. I would suggest that America is at a crossroads.

We have AOC suggesting, urging that we raise the taxes on the rich..she says 70 percent, I would suggest that it be at least the level it was before this horrible give-away to the rich and corporations that some insist on called “tax reform”.

Working on clean energy is overdue. Obama tried to move us in that direction but then trump came on the scene and wants to move back to worship of coal and oil…fossil fuels that also pollute our waters and air.

So we have the possibility of moving into future jumping ahead, accepting and implementing the new system, or staying the course or letting our country go the way of the doo-doo by going backwards.

It is a frightening situation because I have to admit, at this point, I am not that optimistic that our country is really willing to make the right choice. Certainly three is currently FINALLY, some resistance in the halls of Congress to trumps horrible policies, but still there are those in favor of his ideas…which means that some still want things that will take us backwards and downwards.