I Met a Nazi on My Vacation

Sadly, I am still in the place of avoiding those people like the guy on the train, or delivering a smack down on the internet, when ignoring gets to be too self-esteem crushing.

i don’t know of any way to reach those benightedly souls who are buying too this racism. I actually somebody here on medium respond to something I ssaid by asking why I would refer to this administration and the people trump gives cover to, as racist.

he said “what does race have to do it?” The kindest response I could come up with was (after first telling him in another response t another my apprciation that he let know who he really was as a white winger who i might more productive avoid and ignore) we all make our decisions, but if you don’t understand why ‘race” i is important in an atmosphere where a man like Bannon had the ear of the president….then I don’t know what to say to you.

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