I’ve been thinking today that our current political situation has us in a somewhat similar…
gregory rush

That is a very interesting way to look at it. Certianly being of the generaation that rebelled way back then, I remember it as an attempt to throw off the baggage of the past which is basiclly what you said.

This time however, the issues seems to me to be a group of people represented by trump that want to go ‘back” to a more authorititarian regimented society. That certainly feels like a step back to me.. and many others.

I guess we will just have to ‘fight it out” and see what the result is this time, just like we did ‘back then” :)

I have ssid for a whole time, however that the whole set up of society is going to change with the new generation. In technology and every other field of endeavor circumtances have gotten to the point, where change HAS to take place.

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