What good ole days??? What community

Ok, I was browsing around tonight and saw an article that painted a picture of “communty” in the “good ole days” that in that persons opinion conservatives are missing and wanting to go back to.


I found myself asking “what communty??” in the 1950–1970’s I lived at home on a “farm” that my parents didn’t farm because basically my father had to drive into town and work at a minimum wage job (before there was one…so it was “whatever you want to pay”). We lived in adject poverty with a slop jar for a restroom and carryng water from down in the valley below our house.

At that time, the house was a basement, and the walls leaked, and there were pools of water in the floor when it rained.

But you know the adject poverty wouldn’t have been so bad if the neighbors had had any compassion…but they didn’t. My mother was not well, and would do weird things, and they laughted at her and me….and bullied me at school


I was “different’…i didn’t fit in. Where the heck was this “community’ that the conservatives talk abut missing. i abhor that “community’. I ran from it and never went or would want to go back once I got out of that “community”. That “community” means oppression and degradaton to me….nothing more.

i am not the only person that had this less than ideal “community’ growing up. A hght percentage of minorities raised in “small town America” would be likely to report the same thing. The article I read an am reacting to, said that many consrvatives are likely NOT missing jim Crow….but it was part of the package. The same community that made majority white children something to hanker for in later live, gave many of us reason t fled with great urgency. We can’ “go back” to only the good parts.

And it was certainly what conservatives would more than likely call “the good old days”


I fled to the city where I got a job in an office. I had a “community” of people that were employees of that busineess. I came to terms with my uniqueness, my gayness, I joined in with other Gay people in fighting for equality and the right to be ourselves and achieved much.

Manwhile, i made financial gains because my job title was represented by a unioon. If it hadn’t been I would not have bee able to build the life that I did. Unlike the peron that wrote that other article, I didn’t work overtime, unless I got paid for it. I was resultly NOT management, I worked along my union brothers and sisters to again fight for our right as workers in one of the fastest growing industries, to get our fair piece of the pie.

Still today, the kind of “community” that conservatives harken back is harrowing to me. I can’t picture Betty Crocker with Jim Crow;l I can’t picture small town without the associated feel of being the odd man out. The person laughed out and ostrazed because unlike the other boys on the playground i did NOT roughhouse….I wanted to inside and read a book…still do.


i remember the kind of community that I think they are harkening to…but it was never mine!!!!! I have in common with an Muslim, a Jew, an hispanice and an African American with an interest in common…be it science fiction, bowling philosophy, theology or travel.

Meanwhile, the person that lives next door,is not someone i am going to visit. I chose who I associate with by interests not location.

You might almost say that the Globatization that so many complain about is my refuge, my salvation…………………my community.

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