In the spirit of basically the entire Internet’s recent fascination of iPad multitasking, I’ve been thinking about how interactions could be improved in other places, namely watchOS.

After wearing Apple Watches for about 5 years, one of the biggest issues I have with watchOS is that almost every interaction outside of scrolling requires a precise tap on a ~1.75-inch screen. And Apple did take this into consideration: that’s the entire reason the Digital Crown exists in the first place. But for a device whose entire foundation is built upon convenience, it’s relatively inconvenient to use.

First off, there are some…

It’s a known bug in macOS that if you use the method of using the same URL as the current image, but pointing to different contents, the wallpaper doesn’t update. I ran into this issue when writing my Dark Mode Wallpaper Switcher app (shameless plug). I’ll walk you through my process for coming up with my workaround.

In the context of my app, I have a folder that contains 2 images: a light wallpaper and a dark wallpaper that it sets depending on which interface mode you’re in. At first, I used to switch between and…

My MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.

I’ve been using a 2017 13" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar for 2 years now, but it took me a year to figure out how the Touch Bar best fits into my workflow. After I found BetterTouchTool, I started playing with different layouts while still abiding by the app-specific-layout paradigm that Apple created. Taking inspiration from this article, I toyed with the idea of one static layout for my Touch Bar, and quickly realized that this is how it was always meant to be used. …

Justin Hamilton

Third-year computer science student at University of Delaware.

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