What’s your story about?

When people find out I’m a writer I usually get the same question,”What’s your story/stories about?” Even though I’m the creator of my stories I always find myself pausing to answer the question. What is the best answer?

How many of you have seen the original Terminator movie? Remember the part where the wounded terminator climbs in through the window of a dive apartment room and starts cutting his organic eye out with an exacto knife? A guy, I guess the land lord, bangs on the door and asks what the smell is. The scene goes inside the terminator’s view and a heads-up display appears with different responses.

Here’s my heads-up display for the possible responses to the question:

  1. Well, the story is so long I had to write a book to describe what it’s about.
  2. One is about conspiracy theories… all of them.
  3. They’re about spies, commandos, arms dealers, politicians, doctors, nurses, police officers, reporters, air line employees, fast food restaurant workers, dot, dot, dot.
  4. How much time do you have?

My stories come from everything I have experienced in my life and contain almost all of that information. I guess the reason I have trouble giving an elevator description (a description that can be held in the time it takes to get on and off an elevator) is because I don’t feel I can adequately represent the stories I’ve spent years writing in 60 seconds or less.

However, an elevator description is what most people want. So here it is.

My stories are about human beings and how they deal, or don’t deal, with the world in which we all live.

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