Outlearn Launch Press Roundup

We launched Outlearn last Thursday, and the reception has been great. It’s always fun to see what reporters write about your company at the initial unveiling. They are very busy people who write fast on a deadline, so it’s always a bit harrowing to see what they come up with based on a 15 minute phone interview. Here are a few of our favorite pieces.

Heading into launch week, we are able to get VentureBeat to publish an op-ed that sets up some of the key industry trends that we think about a lot.

This helped prime the market for the ideas that we fleshed out in our launch press coverage and the manifesto we published on launch day.

BostInno was the first article out of the gate on the big day, and Kyle Alspach did a fantastic job of it.

Having our product screenshot front and center was great, and Kyle nailed the positioning of Outlearn relative to other developer learning offerings.

“Two things to be clear about upfront: Outlearn is not a courses library (like Lynda.com or Pluralsight) and it isn’t part of the ‘learn to code’ crowd. Instead, the purpose of using Outlearn is to better organize the learning content that’s out there on the Web while blending it with internal, proprietary training. And the focus is on working developers, not coding newbies.”

The rest of the article provided useful background and important facts about our business model and customer focus. Nicely done.

Allen Coin at DZone gets what we’re doing pretty deeply. Millions of developers trust DZone for their coverage of technical topics, so we were happy to receive praise like this.

“Outlearn’s tutorials are a combination of curated pieces and original content that are organized in a logical and pedagogically-inspired way into learning paths.”

Jason CalacanisLaunch Ticker News is great at distilling stories into bite-sized blurbs, and this is what they came up with for us.

“Dev education resource Outlearn raises $2M seed from General Catalyst & Paul Sagan; provides user-generated lesson plans, explanations & external links for web & software dev; aims to keep coders & co’s up to date on tech specs & practices.”

There’s a lot in there, and not too many compression artifacts. Well done. They missed our B2b enterprise SaaS business model, but that’s probably too much to expect for blurb of this size.

Dan Primack over at Fortune also had a very nice blurb in his Term Sheet newsletter on Friday. It’s great to be on their radar.

The Boston Globe’s Beta Boston did a short, but solid article.

We feel incredibly fortunate to be working with Paul Sagan, former CEO of Akamai Technologies. He has been a fantastic advisor and contributor to the business. However, I doubt he was expecting to be see a file photo of him featured so prominently in the Outlearn launch story. Oh well.

Overall, we’re happy with the press coverage of our launch, and the huge audience reached through Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social outlets. Many people have reached out to us with enthusiasm for what we’re doing, including venture capitalists, job applicants, and industry well-wishers. On we go!