Artist Marie Peter-Toltz’s Pure Visual Communication

Artist Marie Peter-Toltz is one of the most compelling, expressive practitioners in her field. Peter-Toltz’s work is characterized by an irresistible expressive intimacy one that imparts a subtle visual narrative and also conveys an unusual ecumenical quality that’s as appealing as it is provocative. Born in Mulhouse, France and currently based in Southern California, the painter has already made a very distinctive mark on the international art world, successfully creating and exhibiting exciting solo shows at prestigious galleries in Paris, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth. New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles

She is currently preparing works for two separate presentations, the group showLes Amoureuses’ at Show Gallery, part of the Los Angeles French Consulate’s renown annual citywide Franco-American festival ‘Ceci N’est Pas’ and UC Santa Barbara’s engrossing collaborative conference event ‘Art and Psyche: The Illuminated Imagination’ which explores the relation between art, psychoanalytic and desire and is also discussing her return to New York’s Slag Gallery for her second solo exhibition there later this year. The concurrent work load is typical of Peter-Toltz, an award-winning artist whose impressive roster of professional and aesthetic achievements are the result of a lifelong passion, one that first stirred very early on.

Marie Peter-Toltz: “Amazones,” oil on canvas, 52 x 48 inches

“I believe everyone is born a natural artist, a creator, a maker,” Peter-Toltz said. “Like everyone else, I was a child artist — art was always present in my mind and life. As an adult, it took time to accept my desire to be a creator, and that’s why I decided to study Art History at first. In those early days when I was studying in Vienna, I was painting at night and on the weekend, working on a tiny table, using mainly cardboards and found materials. My influences were very much embedded in the French modernists — the post impressionists, fauvists, Dadaists and the German expressionists.”

Within a few years, Peter-Toltz began painting in earnest, “I was a self-taught artist for the first couple years of my professional life,” she said. “It was only later, after years of working alone in the studio, painting and exhibiting, learning it all by myself, I realized that I wanted to find other interlocutors, instructors who could help me deepen my knowledge — I wanted to be pushed and forced into new directions.”

The driven, ambitious Peter-Toltz studied extensively in Australia, even as she began to enjoy her own solo exhibitions at several high profile art galleries in Adelaide and Sydney and, always reaching for deeper visual expression, extended herself further with shows and training in France and New York. This phase of her career climaxed when she sought and obtained a Master of Fine Arts in Painting degree at the famed New York Studio School in 2016.

Marie Peter-Toltz: “And The World Knew No Beasts of Prey,”oil, acrylic and spray paint on canvas 82 x 110 inches

With a solid international reputation and an at times grueling schedule of often simultaneous gallery shows at venues around the globe, Peter-Toltz’s formidable output has continuously progressed and evolved.

“The work has undergone a lot of changes, mainly in terms of its ambition, scale and output,” Peter-Toltz said. “The artistic output is completely intertwined with life itself. As years pass, the way you change as person is also the way your art changes. It is inevitable. The paintings have become more complex conceptually; maybe they allude to more contradictory and exalted states of mind. In a strange way, my paintings are somehow becoming less personal on one level but more intimate on another level.

Along the way, she has been honored with numerous juried recognitions, including All Art Works; Exhibition inclusion Award, ART SEEN, Winner representing the New York Studio School, National Association of Women Artists Membership Award, the New York Studio School’s Concordia and Fellowship awards, as well as artist residencies from Paris to Vermont. Most recently, world famous collectors Suzanne and Michael Hort visited Peter-Toltz’s studio and selected a painting to include in the very prestigious upcoming 2019 Gala Benefit Auction hosted by the renown Rema Hort Mann Foundation. This is a much-anticipated event featuring works from leading emerging and established artists worldwide, and Peter-Toltz‘s involvement clearly demonstrates what a significant impact she continues to make on the art world.

Accomplished, passionate, boundlessly energetic, Peter-Toltz‘s approach is as much technical as it is psychic, a fertile territory where execution is as important as the emotional state, a mixture of thoughtful self-examination and pure visual communication that consistently allow her to produce fascinating, world-class work.

“Art is a way to communicate with oneself and with others,” Peter-Toltz said. “Our outlooks change, the traumas have other consequences, henceforth the artistic output changes and evolves. My appreciation of the process is different now, the crises are deeper and stronger. My wish is to continue and work more every day, by finding new strategies and new avenues in the actual painting process, without repeating a formula but rather to reinvent the process itself.”

LES AMOUREUSES Opening reception March 30th 2019, 6–9PM

Exhibition runs through April 30th, 2019

at Show Gallery, 1515 N. Gardner Street, Los Angeles, CA, 90046

Tuesday — Saturday 11 a.m.-5 p.m.; (323) 834–8142;,

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