Makeup Artist-Hair Dresser Cat Sherwin’s Star Spangled Stylings

Makeup artist-Hair dresser Cat Sherwin glides through Hollywood’s glittering tangle of red carpet events, celebrity photo shoots and publicity gigs with unerring grace. Also renowned for her skill with hair and grooming, the independent, in-demand Sherwin specializes in strikingly creative personal stylings that consistently favor her clients with a daring, distinctive look that’s always equal measures cool, timeless elegance and ground breaking innovation. It’s a formidable talent that’s made her a behind the scenes fixture at a kaleidoscopic range of A-list film, music, fashion and advertising gigs.

For Sherwin, it’s the culmination of a lifelong dream, albeit one that seemed unattainable as child growing in the hardscrabble neighborhoods of Chesterfield during England’s tumultuous Margaret Thatcher years.

“I came from a very traditional family and background,” Sherwin said. “I wanted to become a makeup artist from a very early age but things were very different, growing up in a working class town back then. Nowadays it’s more than acceptable to follow a creative career from early on but was not seen as a viable route by my family — and that was that.”

“Art and creative subjects were my favorite studies even then,” Sherwin said. “I’d loved fantasy and sci-fi films while I was growing up — the early ‘Star Wars’ movies, ‘Star Trek,’ ‘Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy,’ ‘Doctor Who’ –- all those early special effects films really inspired me. By 10 or 11, I knew I wanted to work in this field once I was old enough.”

The dutiful Sherwin deferred to family and following four years of university study, earned an International Business degree and took a position in Jaguar’s Cars Sales & Marketing graduate program. Despite the significant rewards and prestige of the job, she couldn’t fight destiny.

“The dream of becoming a Makeup Artist never left me,” Sherwin said. “My focus was on beauty and fashion and although Jaguar is an incredible company, working 24/7 for something that was not my passion was soulless and I was desperately unhappy. I finally left the company, landed in Australia, and trained in makeup, hairdressing and styling. Before I knew it, I’d built my whole life and career there, but my burning desire to grow and expand — to be the best I could be, to work in the global arena — ultimately drew me to relocate to the US.”

Sherwin excels at all aspects of high fashion grooming, displaying a gift for fantastic styling designs that are eye catching yet always in good taste. In short order Sherwin established herself as a force to be reckoned with.

“Since arriving in LA I have had the opportunity of working with a number of high profile clients,” Sherwin said. “I assisted celebrity stylist Adir Abergel for a time, working on shoots with Jennifer Garner, Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence, Soairse Rownan and more. I travelled the country, worked on advertising and had the good fortune to collaborate with some incredible photographers and on editorial shoots for People magazine.”

Since 2016, Sherwin’s career kicked into high gear, styling such luminaries as Ringo Starr, Charlie Sheen, Danny Trejo, William Shatner and on jobs for major companies like Microsoft, Red Bull, Paramount, Neutrogena and Princess Cruises. She traveled throughout the US on assorted advertising shoots and, as a makeup artist for Australian reporters covering the Presidential election, broadcast from the White House lawn.

Sherwin’s maintained that momentum with a graceful ease that’s established her as a leader in the field. Her work — always highly original and strikingly creative — subtly enhances and ideally suits the very particular demands of each job she takes.

“I always receive excellent feedback from people and companies I work with,” she said. “In most cases it has begun working relationships where I’m regularly asked back. People always request my business card after I’ve worked with them, which is heartwarming, because I know they are happy. Client satisfaction is the most important aspects of any job.”

For Sherwin, now firmly established as one of the top go-to talents in Hollywood’s makeup artist/hair dresser community, the job goes beyond mere occupation and reaches an elevated realm that’s as spiritual as it is artistic.

“It’s my aim to be an inspirational leader in my field, helping motivate and inspire others,” Sherwin said. “I’d would like to write a book about going after goals, moving countries, changing your life into what you want it to be. You and only you are the architect of your future — so don’t take no for an answer, be professional and behave with integrity at all times.”

“But most of all be you — the best version of your unique self. That is your true power.”