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Oct 18, 2018 · 6 min read

See the list of known RollBox games in 2018

These games will run on the rocket in 2018 and will be proud to earn an estimated $ 70 million by the end of this year.

I will reveal to you the paper, crazy users and best choice Roboks game in the top 10, because I have you all these good Roboks games.

By the way, how many people play roubled games?

ROBBOX is a free online platform that serves both the manufacturer and the game. Hard funny Roboks all work to entertain the game with 4 million active Playmaker Roll, breakout gaming, MSOs, MMORPG, more than 56 million active players, as straight as a different genre of Royal Robleks Robotoks and more.

You can get the robots only on Xbox, but you can also get a PC, laptop, smartphone and tablet on HTC VAV and Okules Rift. Learn more about what Roblox is and how it works or made a robot here.

Robots have an open forum to create, run and share all the games; Millions of cool Rolex games are available for free on this platform. If you have any information about the development of a robot crate game, you should learn how to make game guidance on this start robot.

Now there is a list of the best Rolex games without delay for 2018, which will entertain you at the next level of satisfaction.

You have to play the Best rolex games of 2018

Jailback (Follow us!)


Murder Puzzle 2

Royale hello

Phantom Power of New Steel 2

Welcome to Bloxburg [beta]

Mining simulator

Candy! Pet Simulator!

Areas! Destruction simulator!

Vehicle simulator [beta]

Jailback (Follow us!)

Prison Breaks Roblox

Jellbreak is one of the most popular Robox games with more than 2 million users. As the name suggests, the game is based on the Jellbrock program.


You can become a police officer or a criminal. If you become a police officer, stop the criminals from escaping and committing crimes. If you decide to become a criminal, try to escape from prison and commit crimes like a Grand Chorus car.

Jellreck is a thriller game with multiple robot servers from different group groups.


School unclear robot

School Muppi is an entertaining game especially for teenagers to play in robots. Players can customize their characters and control them in-game with various store items.

Make your own mapper, get furniture and other things, and keep your old school’s life with your old, old-fashioned old game.

More than 6 users have enjoyed this game and have played school mapping regularly.

Murder Puzzle 2

Murder Mystery Rolex Game

After the great success of Murder Mystery 1, it was Nicholis’s next game of the game, named Murder Mystery 2.

Murder Mystery 2 game has similar styling where you have to solve the thrillers based on the game’s conditions.

Three game modes to solve the murder mystery, each game modes 1) Comfortable 2) Hardcore 3) Assassin gameplay is intensity.

With more than 4 favorites favorites, this game still dominates the awesome genre of game in Robox.

Royale hello

Royal High Game Rockbox

Royale is another game based on high school activities. This game is also called Robx High School.

Royal high players can customize their characters, schools can be used, eat at the part of the homework part at the party and some fun things to do James work, what games and other useful resources are there buying more items?

This game reminds you of similar games like movie esterplanet or episode. Choose your story. There are many great sports activities that we can play for hours.

Phantom Power of New Steel 2

Phantom powers game Roblox

Phantom Force New Steel 2 The first suppression shooter Rockbox game is very popular and is one of the most played FPS games in the box.

Amazing graphics and stunning history makes this game very interesting for users. Many advanced weapons and weapons make this game alive.

Phantom Force is the best shooter game with advanced 3D mechanics effects that can not be expected from Robox games.

If you are an FPS fan, you have to try this game before going to another game.

Welcome to Bloxburg [beta]

Welcome to Bloxburg [beta] is a strategy game in which players have to understand their dream from the beginning.

Players can also work in the city, discover more, customize their characters with different characters in game elements that can be purchased in elements of the game.

Beta version of the game is paid and you can access this game for today’s 25 robots. Once the whole game is released, however, it can be played for free for everyone.

This game reminds me of the emergence of some cities like Symmetry, Cities: Skyline, Warden.

Mining simulator

Mining Simulator game Roblox

If you choose to experience real-life simulation games, you need to try the mining simulator, the most popular simulation game in the robot.

Take part in a mine campaign and discover precious gems and gold. Be successful, travel to another world, improve your gameplay, get pets, get married with friends, or collect different things to go alone.

This mining simulation will give you a real mining experience in the compact power pack game.

On the terms of choice, your mining capabilities in game resources will improve and make you richer soon.

With more than 3 million favorites, this game is the best simulation game that you can play in today’s robots.

Candy! Pet Simulator!

Candy Pet Simulator

If you love your pets and want to play a game focused on pets and fitness, you would love to play sweets! Pet simulator.

To maintain your pet, collect coins and buy eggs and unlock new areas to unlock new skills, work together to trade their animals with other players in the game.

In fact, you will continue to live a life of pet care with these amazing desserts! Pet simulator.

With the selection of more than 2 reductions, this game runs in the style of rocket simulation.

Areas! Destruction simulator!

Destruction simulator roblox

As the name suggests, players of this game can expect many explosions and disasters. But for those who have a few twins and adventures in the game, they really love this area! Destruction simulator!

Destruction simulator was released in August 2018. It is popular in Robox gaming and is now a popular place in the simulation gaming of robots.

To get the rewards of the game, users must destroy the structure using an explosive vehicle. These awards are used to improve the list, and levels can be increased to destroy larger and more intense structures in the game.

With 35 million visits per month, this game is growing very much.

Vehicle simulator [beta]

Vehicle Simulator Robocalls

Everyone loves racing games. If they spend their time playing fun and addictive games, they are incredible. If you choose to race or choose fast sports, you would prefer to drive a vehicle simulator [beta].

Run your car in a huge and creative city in which many players are waiting for you.

With over 50 unique models, a huge collection of disastrous structured sports vehicles, just be careful with the police.

This vehicle simulator game can play best in its free time on the game Robot. Enjoy the speed with your car

So here are the top 10 best boxing games for 2018, which can play in their spare time. If we remember an important game that you think should be included in this list, please tell us in the comments below.

Also, if you list our best robot game and you agree with us, please share this post with your friends so they can choose their favorite from the list above.

Some Honorable Ideas

We know that Rockbox is not the top 10 list of games and will not be satisfied in the future. That’s why we have solved some honorable references in which Robak’s gaming community has played a unique role in developing these games.

It is:

Put pizza, Roboks and Roboks water park hide hide, Roboks are there designs, Roboks work on ROCitizens, B Sky simulator, Speed ​​Run and Roboks Roblox Dethrone. Apart from this, there are many old rockbox games that still attract players with their unique and incredible gameplay.

Roblox gaming is a fun job. Robots not only entertain us but also capture themselves. More than 4 million full-time manufacturers contribute to pitches in their game. These are rockbox jobs that anyone can sit at home. If you want to do jobs in Rockbox jobs that can make enough money, you should try different methods in Robbox Studios, Robbx Trading, such as developing games like Robox platform that can provide you with the benefits of Robox.

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