In private, we squirm over how raising money requires faking it. But we don’t get off on that, and that means we don’t get off the ground.
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Reading this, it seems like the authors may not be fully aware of what exactly a VC does. For clarity, they invest money, usually belonging to other people, in the hope of making more money, which they will normally have to one day give back to those people.

Usually, a prerequisite of being able to make more money and return it to people is that the underlying investment actually be profitable. In turn, in order to be profitable, the investment normally has to provide a good/service that is not only socially valuable, but socially monetisable. Maybe that’s not what you want to do with your company. Maybe you want to get paid 6 figure salaries while you build yet another app that superimposes cute animated sweaters on your pets. And that’s fine! But if you want to do that, do it on your own money. If you want to use someone else’s money, you should be prepared to at least put in the effort to fabricate one of those little hockey stick graphs.

If you want access to capital that basically lets you do whatever you want with no risk to yourself and with no accountability to whoever is signing the checks for your organic free trade lattes, you’re welcome to go and try and set that up, but don’t hold your breath waiting for the Charity for Silicon Valley Happy Funtimes Playland LLP to take off.

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