Park It, Joe

You’re right, Joe Biden. You’re such a better candidate.

Oh wait. You didn’t run. But if you had, you would have been. Sure.

Hillary Clinton was a good candidate. Certainly, she was a better candidate than Al Gore or John Kerry, both human stick figures. Was she better than Bill? Maybe not. But at the time, we didn’t think Bill was all that great, what with his Gennifer Flowers problems. He, too, was a ‘flawed’ candidate. It’s something they can share as a couple.

For Joe Biden to look down his nose now at Hillary Clinton is just crummy. Joe is cute and all, a funny, glib guy, and I feel for his family sorrows. But he’s a guy who takes a cheap shot at a woman who has already lost, something she wouldn’t do if the situation were reversed. She would just keep her mouth shut.

She’d figure that he’d already heard it all. She’d think there was no point to piling on. She’d factor in the weird matter of Russian interference in the election and the post-election polls that showed Trump supporters voting out of their ‘fear of diversity.’ She’d err on the side of less is more. She’d let it go. She’d look to the future. That is if the situation were reversed. Which it isn’t and it won’t be.

But Joe? Joe’s got a chance to get some headlines. Criticizing Hillary Clinton will still do that but the offer is limited. Better get those last digs in soon before we’ve all moved on. That is what we want to do, right? Move on to 2018 and 2020? Build the capacity of the Democratic Party to win elections up and down the ticket? Is this helping, Joe?

What might help Democratic strength is showing a little solidarity. When Republicans are better at ‘supporting’ the joke that is President than Democrats are in supporting their hugely qualified candidate, we’re in trouble. And we’ll stay in trouble if we keep it up.