My Extended Summary

I live by a simple rule. The lives of the people I touch have to be better for it.

Within a work context, this has meant the people who work for me have to have a net-positive experience. Some work sucks; overall the experience has to be positive. If their lives are net-negative because of their involvement with me/my organization we have to actively make a plan to fix that or we have to stop being involved. Read: fired. Employee or client. That’s not a joke. Similarly, if I don’t make the people’s lives I am working for better, we will create and execute a plan to improve and I will succeed or leave. I make only one guarantee: I am a positive force; things get better when I’m around.

The world we make tomorrow needs to be better than the one we live in today. That’s not easy; I’m not asking it to be. I’m looking to work with an early stage startup led by tough, intelligent, passionate founders that I will respect; I would strongly prefer one of the founders be female (I shouldn’t have to say that; our generation will kill gender inequality).

I have the ability to manage multiple job roles, specific tasks and lead teams in a tense, dynamic and rapidly changing environment. I increase the pace of workflow primarily by identifying and solving problems, independently when possible. I will never bring you a problem without at least one potential solution and a desire to be outsmarted on my proposed ‘fix’.

I work beyond ego and am willing to develop, improve and then entirely pass (or happily own) process, function and/or job role within an organization. I like the occasional pat on the back for a job well done, but if you don’t have a transparent and complete employee recognition system (people need kudos and they can’t be random), I can build one for you.

The best recruitment tool is developing a work culture where people love the organization. Find smart, talented, ultra-hard working individuals who share your clearly defined values. Pay people slightly too much. Give them interesting work to do- a lot of it. Let them know when they are doing well and honor their efforts. Don’t hurt their feelings when they botch something, but let them know specifically and constructively so they don’t do it again out of ignorance. Get rid of the chaff. As fast as you can, in a legally defensible manner. Do you need a process for that? I’ve built one before and can build one for you.

Have you been talking about Rapid Growth and feel a desire for a Customer Centric Culture but the world doesn’t know it and your customers can’t feel it. I’ve developed and lead successful Multi-Touch Attribution marketing campaigns. SEO, SEM, E-mail, Social. Yes please. On a shoe-string. Okay; that is a matter of prioritization- let’s do it. Do you need a presence at a conference? Who can build you a dynamic booth at a low cost? Okay. Would you like to couple that with a positive presence willing to batter through 100 no’s for that first yes?

I work across job title. The internet is terming my skill-set ‘Jack of all Trades’. I don’t really like this, but don’t know that I can argue. I think of myself as a high horsepower individual with a strong transmission, making me capable of putting a lot of force on the ground. I learn rapidly and enjoy deploying everything I know how to do. I want to work really hard on something I am deeply invested in.

I could be doing this for you. Let’s get coffee.

If this sounds a little like internet dating, I almost feel like that is appropriate. You will inevitably be asking me to spend more time on your project than I spend with my fiance.