Hi everyone. I’m Jesse.

There’s a lot to know about me, but that I know is the same for all of you. How do we pick and choose what to reveal and what to keep hidden for a late time, date or place? How do we choose what’s the most relevant to pass along?

The basics: I’m from Pittsburgh, which I am quite proud of. This city has grown and developed in some amazing ways since I was a kid, and even a “young adult” going out and exploring it on my own. I work at CMU in the Dietrich College (Humanities College) I have been for 7+ years now. My responsibilities are numerous, but most of them fall into the categories of web/print/graphic design. I also am a photographer, and work with our social media channels.

When asked to come up with some random facts about myself from the first class, I chose to write that I’m interested in geography, travel and transportation systems (mainly trains & planes). I sometimes seriously nerd out on some of these details.


To me, interaction is between two or more people, or one person + an object, an environment, or an experience. What happens when you go somewhere or when you speak with someone? You give your input and you receive their output. You process that and continue. I think the key part of interaction is this process.

Design is where we examine this process and think about how things we can create or build or plan out could affect this process. In simple terms, if something doesn’t look good to us, we can improve upon it. If a conversation doesn’t go well and leads to an altercation, perhaps there is a better way for one person to get their point across. Design is trying to learn what that is and make accommodations for the betterment of these situations. There really is no limit to where design can affect us.

My Stance

Trying to explain my stance at this point is somewhat challenging because I don’t have a major issue in front of me at the moment. I’ve been told that when design is good, it’s not even noticed. But I think that is what I’d like to aim for with design. For it to be helpful without realization. Designers should take the time to thoughtfully and carefully create a design for something, but hopefully that effort will eliminate the need for a far greater variety of people to try to solve or improve a problem or an issue. Then, time can be better spent focused on what needs to be done.

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