It is no secret the answer is always in the small things we do

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Hands up if you can relate to a concept or theory, you have struggled to put into practice? I am talking about the type where you fully understand the significance and benefits, but despite all your attempts to apply your knowledge, the proper execution remains elusive. As frustrating as this sounds, we know it is not uncommon?

When this happens, what do you do?

Throw your hands up in the air, give up and find another distraction! Or do you knuckle down and seek the real reason for your defeat? …

You often have to figure these out yourself

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In the stillness of an early Sunday morning, I stood and looked at the window while the Sun burning brightly formed familiar shadows, behind my office blinds. As I looked at the shadows, I thought about the veil between my now inside space and the outside world.

It made me muse on how a thin veil of knowledge obscures the differences between the two worlds. …

A small gift in a poetic form

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Writing is about thinking
and thinking is what we should do

So that’s why
I am generating a space
for my mind to do
a little more thought tinkering

In the hope I find
a better way to communicate
from me to you

Thanks for reading!


Jesse Wilson

Recovering Engineering nerd, now embracing creative pursuits while writing about personal development and sharing happiness.

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