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I know you were attempting to write an article that was meant to praise Berry (based on the title of the article), but you ended up writing an article that belittled what the Heels accomplished. So to try and give them A LITTLE credit maybe you could mention the seeds the Heels had to play vs. the seeds Gonzaga had to play. Besides the 16 seeds (which both teams obviously played as well deserved 1 seeds), UNC played (in order) an 8, 4, 2, and 3 seeds. Pretty stiff competition. Gonzaga played (in order) an 8, 4, 11, and 7. Who broke through a tougher region? UNC, obviously. And feel free to give a little credit to how UNC got to the Championship using an ENTIRE TEAM at key moments when their point guard went down in round one. UNC didn’t get lucky, they got tough. They played defense. They overcame terrible officiating and injury. It’s ok to admit it.

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