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Oh man, you are wayyyyy off (respectfully). First off, cats are not adorable. They are terrible (respectfully). Secondly, the cat represented Naz. He was sent to the shelter around the time Naz was sent to prison. Naz was very uncomfortable and in danger for the first part of his time in prison. Every single scene of the cat at the shelter there was an insane amount of dogs barking. The shelter was obviously filled with dogs and did not necessarily cater to cats. Meaning, that without protection, the cat was in danger. The cat was out of place. But somehow, just like Naz, the cat kept surviving. He was given his own cage (like Naz), and J0hn Stone was doing what he could to protect the cat (just like his guidance on legal matters for Naz and the way he got so emotional after the actions of Kapor and after his closing statement). But the whole season, just like Naz, we weren’t sure how Naz’s story was going to end, just like the cat. Finally, Naz is free. Free from prison, but not from what he became in prison, a drug addict and a victim of the system. The cat, though it seems like it’s a happy ending and he/she too is free and safe in John’s apartment, how long will John be able to last with having an animal that he is allergic to in the apartment? So, just like Naz, the cat’s ultimate future has question marks. Boom. The significance of the cat…respectfully. You can thank me for the awesome analysis and offer me a job at Or on twitter at @jwinn006

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