Selling in the Hamptons: Five Things You Should Know


We all have seen headlines about how hot the real estate market is in the Hamptons. 2020 and 2021 saw record volumes and price increases. But that doesn’t mean sellers should get lazy or assume a house will sell itself.

With plenty of transactions during the past two years, pricing your home correctly is more of a science than an art, and your real estate agent should provide compelling comparable home sales to set the right price. Once that very important step is completed, it’s time to do some preparation to ensure your home sells for the highest price possible.

Get your house in order

Deep cleaning and decluttering to make your home look and feel more attractive, open, and larger are key steps for a successful showing. “You’re about to plan a move, so get rid of things now as opposed to moving them to your new home,” Dixon said. “It may also be time for fresh paint or to remove dated wallpaper. And don’t forget to wash the windows — it makes a big difference in lighting. After they’re clean and bright, make sure your window treatments are not too dark or overbearing. We want to highlight windows — not hide them.” Dixon also advises removing personal items and photos, as your goal should be having the buyer focus on the home and not its current occupants.

Maximize curb appeal

The exterior of a property should look just as beautiful as the interior. This Sag Harbor residence is a perfect example of curb appeal. Photo — Courtesy: Benjamin Dixon of Douglas Elliman

What do you want a buyer to feel when arriving at your home? Examine your outdoor paint job and get rid of unsightly spots with a thorough power wash and touch up. Make sure your gutters are clean, and power wash the driveway, fences, decks, and paths. “The more landscaping you have, the better,” said Dixon. “But make sure you’ve done a thorough cleaning to remove leaves and debris. A buyer doesn’t want to see a lot of unmaintained landscaping, so trim trees and shape shrubs to present a neat and well-cared for property.”

Address deferred maintenance

You and your handyman/handywoman should tour your property, inside and out, to make sure there are no defects or issues that could affect the sale of your home. “This is a good time to make sure your heating and air conditioning systems have been serviced and that all maintenance is up to date,” said Dixon. Most buyers will complete a formal home inspection before they sign a contract “so it’s best to get ahead of any issues before we list your home.”

Build a binder; fill a folder

“Getting all your documents in order will help prepare for a smooth sale,” Dixon said. “That means certificates of occupancy, surveys, and deeds.” Are there any open permits that need to be resolved? “This is also a great time to pull together any manuals, contracts, or receipts that are related to the home,” Dixon added.

Assemble your team to help you do all the above

This team includes repair people, an attorney, and most importantly, a licensed real estate agent who can help pull together a professional and responsible team, said Dixon. “It takes a village to sell a home well, and depending on the state of the home, the seller may need stagers, painters, and a host of trained and certified professionals to handle issues. We have those contacts and we can get them to your property and help prepare your home for a trouble-free sale.”



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