#planelife 5 tips from a weekly flyer

  1. Noise cancelling headphones – I managed to snag a pair of Beats Studio (McLaren edition!) and my word do they come into their own on a flight. The noise cancelling removed the constant engine drone making music / video possible on a plane! Without these I have to have my apple earbuds on full volume (damaging my ears) and still can’t hear it properly. Also a great indicator to your neighbour not to engage you in convo 😉
  2. The Medium app – Flights are the one time in my life I go without checking social feeds for over 5 minutes! Going Internet-less is truly terrifying for me but Medium’s app works offline so flights are one of the few times I actually write blogs as it’s time I can do little else with! Not to say I don’t like writing but when I have Internet, at least one of the 8 accounts I manage will have a comment or message to reply to leaving me with no time to actively write. Download the medium all now if you haven’t already and you might just remember this blog on your next flight and scroll all the way to the right to start your own blog ✌🏽️
  3. It’s OK to drink alone – A miniature Bombay Sapphire and 7up is one of my favourite parts of flying. I don’t grab a beer as that’s what I would drink normally, a spirit and mixer is something I can sip slowly while I’m knocking out a blog post and it makes me feel like James Bond as I’m on a plane, drinking a not-beer, pretending to live the jet-set life instead of just flying to work again 😆
  4. Be chatty if that’s you – Sure, most people may not want to chat on a plane BUT, the few that did have given me the most stimulating conversation I’ve had in a longtime! Ask yourself what have you got to lose, if you strike up convo they will either politely tail it off or if the tables turn and they go off on a topic boring to you, it’s you who can tail it off. On a flight to Zürich I started chatting to the woman on her right, turned out she was American, loved basketball, went to every LA Clippers home game of the season (I love my basketball) and she and her kid who was sat to her right had climbed the mountain pictured in my standard Yosemite OSX background. What are the chances! There was no blog writing that day, we chatted nonstop for the whole flight & exchanged Facebook details to keep in touch at the passport control queue! You never know who you might be sitting next to ☝🏽
  5. Pack a bag within a bag – Whatever your go-to on a flight, magazine, book, laptop, phone etc fill a small, thin satchel (I use a Knomo laptop shoulder bag) with your essentials and stash this inside your roll along bag. Most airlines will only let you on wit one piece of hand luggage but as soon as I’m last the gate I’ll unzip, pop my Knomo on my shoulder and board the plane placing my roll on in the overhead and taking my essentials with me for use throughout the flight 💁🏻

Thanks for reading all the way to the end & hope 5 short tips were worth it 🤔

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