How to find a PS5 This Holiday Season.

Just over a year after it’s launch, PlayStation 5 still seems beyond reach to many people. Scalpers are an. issue, but the problem is not nearly as bad as people believe it to be. The falling cost of PS5 prices on EBay is a good indicator of that for one simple reason. Scalpers buy to sell as high as possible. They aren’t just holding onto consoles that aren’t selling. The longer they wait, the less they make. So how do YOU find one?

The method

I have been able to acquire a PS5 for myself, and a few friends as well. It is doable, but there are some things to know.

  • DON’T WASTE YOYR TIME IN STORE. Seriously, most retailers are selling their stock online, unless otherwise noted ahead of time.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA IS YOUR FRIEND. There are certain accounts on twitter that are tracking stock. Follow them, they post the latest rumors and links when they drop. I follow wario64 on twitter and PS5stockupdates. Aside from the pre-orders I had ahead of launch, every console I’ve acquired has been through one of these accounts, OR
  • DISCORD. If you’re a gamer, chances are you know what discord is, if not, it’s time to get it. There are discord servers out there with stock tracking bots that link to the retailer as soon as their stock goes live. This is the one I use.
  • APPLE AND GOOGLE PAY ARE NECESSARY. It is not an option. You know what’s more frustrating than NOT getting the console in your cart? Getting it in the cart only to have the stock sell out before you can check out. Apple and Google pay allows you to skip the checkout process with the skip of a button. Just be sure to have all your info up to date.
  • SONY DIRECT. This option is not as reliable, but if you have a PSN account already, you can sign up to enter a random verifiable checkout line. It’s like a lottery situation, and very unreliable.
  • SUBSCRIPTIONS. With increasing frequency, having a retailers “pay account” is giving consumers first access. Best Buy’s tech program. GameStop’s power up rewards program. They are giving their loyal customers first chance. Being a member increase your chances, although it’s not necessary yet, it’s becoming the best option to get it from a retailer.
  • PATIENCE. Listen, I know. You want this thing now. It’s been out for a year, you’re sick of waiting. I know plenty of people with this problem. You know why they couldn’t get a PS5 until they had me get one for them? They had no patience. After a week most people gave up. I’ve gotten 5 PS5’s this way, and a few Xbox series X consoles. The quickest I’ve done it when looking is a couple weeks, the longest it’s taken me is a couple months. It’s a process. You have to check daily, and be ready to go. On top of that, don’t get discouraged. Don’t give up. The people who give up end up with nothing or they go for…
  • THE NUCLEAR OPTION. eBay. It’s not necessary to do this unless you don’t want to put in the effort, or you don’t care about money. You’re going to spend at least a few hundred extra this way, but if money isn’t an object, or you’ve been waiting for a year to get one with no luck, this might be your best bet.

Good Luck!

If you’ve read this article from start to finish, you won’t need as much as the random person waiting for it to show up on store shelves. Prepare now, play later.



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