Final Project: Finishing up bootcamp

I am a week and a half through my final project and it is really coming together!

The idea of it is a color swatch app written in react. The basic premise is that you pick a color from a color wheel or an uploaded photo and you can pull out a color. The program generates the analogous and complementary colors to give you a swatch of related colors that go together. You also have the option of getting an average color of the whole photo. There are also sliders to change the r,g,b or h,s,l values.

Once you have a swatch you like, you can then upload it to my server! What is neat about this is that anyone can view and ‘upvote’ the photo, allowing users to view the most recent, most favorited, etc swatches to help pick it out for a project.

This is largely a product for myself. When I made my portfolio, I went through many applications to find what I needed in getting a color swatch that worked to style my website. It allows you to upload a photo to pull color variations that inspire you or to get a general color of the picture. Since it creates a swatch from a single color, you can just grab your favorite color and go!

Some stretch goals I want to implement are firstly color names, which should be quick, and a button that automatically pulls a swatch of the 6 most prominent colors. I would consider it to be feature complete at that point.

The screenshot included is most of the project pre-stylization. If you would like to check out my progress, you can look at my testbed at There is currently an old build up that I probably will not update for a few days, but most of the color tools are there. The final project will be uploaded to!