Much has happened since my last post in January. Here’s an update.

Tl;DR Completed a coding bootcamp, moved to Alaska, launched a side project, redesigned my website, moved to california, officiated a wedding, got a puppy and a cat.

The Firehose Project

I left off in week 2 of a coding bootcamp. Between then and the end of June I graduated from The Firehose Project accelerated program. Over that time I completed the app I was working on in my last post, Brewster, plus a slew of other apps. The program focused on full-stack development with Ruby on Rails and Javascript. I’ll do…

Sometimes things aren’t as sketchy as they look. Climbing down fromThree Fingers fire lookout in the North Cascades, WA.

Firehose Project: Week 2

  • I began work on a yelp clone called Nomster.
  • I had my first mentor Skype session with Ash. We pair programmed through a ruby challenge. I can already tell he will be a great learning catalyst in my coding journey.
  • Upgraded my previous Muir Words to Rails 5 & Bootstrap 4

Upgrading to Rails 5 & Bootstrap 4

After finishing the Muir Words app I tried to update the gemfile to Rails 5. I try to go through a checklist to combat the errors. Check for typos, check for syntax error, check install documentation, restart the server. But I received constant error messages so I ended up…

2016 was a year full of politics, saying goodbye to heroes, and personal growth. Going into the new year, it was time to stop dipping my toe in and go for it. Time is fleeting and it’s time to carpe that diem. While I was in NC for the holidays, I was able to spend a couple days with my co-founder Dave for a Pathfinder hackathon. We’ve been working on it for a while and are excited to release the beta in the next few months. I’d spent years of self-teaching through free or inexpensive resources. …

Justin Munn

Web developer at Microsoft. 2017 @firehoseproject graduate. Make things and go outside.

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