23 Conversation Starters so You Don’t Have to Mention the Weather to Me Ever Again

Photo by Lukas Budimaier on Unsplash

I’m very comfortable in silence. No, it’s not awkward silence; it’s just silence. Once you start to think it’s awkward, then it becomes awkward silence.

Being comfortable in silence doesn’t mean I hate human interaction. I love good, rich conversations. We could be talking about anything: current events, movies, philosophy, or even intergalactic space travel. Just as long as the conversation feels like it has a purpose aside from talking for the sake of talking, I’m all for it. However, when the conversation starts to head into “desperate small talk” territory, I have the incredible need to just walk away.

Here’s a list of conversation starters you can use instead of “It’s getting cold out there, isn’t it?” (P.S. As a Canadian, I know it’s cold. It’s always cold.):


If you could take a one-year sabbatical and live in only one city, which city would it be?

What was your dream job as a kid? Why didn’t you pursue that job? (if their current job is different from their childhood dream job)

If you could become an expert in one very specific and uncommon field, what would it be?

Which of your childhood friends would you like to reconnect with the most?

What is one big goal you want to achieve this year and what steps have you taken to achieve that goal?

Aside from friends or family, which person has had the biggest impact on your life?

If you were given $1 million right now, but had to quit your job and never pursue a career in that field ever again, would you take the money?

Feeling Bold?

If humans successfully colonize and build sustainable communities on Mars, would you consider going on the next spaceship to live the rest of your life on the red planet?

Which tourist attraction, that you’ve never visited, do you think is overrated?

Would you accept $10,000 deposited into your bank account every day for the rest of your life if you’re only allowed to own a maximum of 100 items at one time?

If you were given the ability to teleport to three specific places anytime you want, which three places would you choose?

Describe the people in this room in three words. (works best in a party/networking event setting)

If a robot is invented to replace you at your job tomorrow, would you fight to keep your job or pursue a different career?

Would you take a one-way time machine that will send you 50 years into the future?

If you were forced to get a large tattoo on your chest, what design would you get?

Which time or event in your life do you think would be the perfect subject for an Oscar-worthy movie?

When You’re Fine With the Conversation Going Either Really Well or Horrendously Bad

If a hostile extra-terrestrial species threatens to attack Earth, do you think humankind will band together to defeat our enemies or will we be too caught up in our own differences to fight as one?

What would you name your child if you were only allowed to use names from young adult novels?

If you were the person in charge of creating the school curriculum for all students ages 5–10 and you had to remove one course, which would you choose: the Arts, Physical Education, or History?

Would you rather have a benevolent but incompetent leader who secretly pockets a small percentage of tax revenues or a merciless but intelligent dictator who vastly improves social programs?

A utopian society on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is built filled with only intellectuals and people who are masters of their craft. There are also highly advanced machines that automate mundane, everyday tasks. You are given an invitation to join them. Would you go?

If you could describe yourself as an Asian country, which one would you be and why?

What do you think will cause the extinction of the human race?