Logging Firebase users out after a set period of time.

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Some apps, such as banking websites and other data-sensitive applications, force users to re-authenticate after a set period of time. However, the Firebase client SDKs do not have built-in support for such situations. Instead, user sessions generated via Firebase Authentication are indefinite, only ending due to one of the following situations:

  • The user is explicitly signed out via the client-side SDK.

Although there is no API to specify the duration of Firebase Authentication sessions, there are two methods to enforce such a restriction using a combination of Security Rules and a few lines of client-side logic. …

An overview of the Firebase client SDK authentication model.

I am a former member of the Firebase team, joining before the Google-owned days when Firebase was still a small startup. I no longer work at Google, but I still use Firebase for many projects. Join my mailing list to stay updated on my writing.

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As part of expanding to become a unified app platform during Google I/O in May 2016, Firebase ushered in a new set of SDKs. With those new SDKs came a new authentication model which still exists today. Information about the authentication model can be found scattered throughout the official Firebase docs, but there is no good overview on the topic. …


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I like to build cool stuff. Current Firebase consultant. Formerly software engineer at Firebase, Google, Microsoft.

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