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How to sell your idea

Why you should invest time on pointing out the problem not your solution.

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Omid Scheybani (Google) at START Summit, St. Gallen

How do you sell a car? Not via technical figures, not via beautiful pictures or texts. The best way to sell a car is through emotions. We do not buy a car every few months. Usually, we have done a lot of research in advance and already know very well in which direction our decision tends before we even enter the selected car dealership. A salesperson is most successful when he or she triggers a desire in us and doesn’t explain to us why we are more comfortable in a car — we already know that ourselves. In the best case we answer the “Why do I need the product” ourselves. …

The Entrepreneur Diary

A story about the ups and downs in our start-up

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Jakob and I during a pitch event, 2016

In the middle of 2014, I decided to found a startup together with friends. Six years later, in June 2020, the servers were officially shut down.

After about 500k EUR turnover, invested 75k EUR, six freelancers, three external software development companies, numerous attended startup events, and a not exactly quantified number of nightly working hours, it is over.

This is supposed to be a story about a journey whose end is not as glorious as some other startups but whose experience will help me and my co-founders for life.

Bring visual clarity to your work

These templates help you to generate and organize ideas

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Creative Team Workshops, Source: Freepik.com

Almost everyone who is involved in starting his own business today will at some point come across the Business Model Canvas to visualize his business model. At a certain point in product development, the Value Proposition Model will be used. But why? Why do so many people and companies use canvases? It’s simple:

Canvases are extremely simple and break down complex issues into a few points.

This makes information easier to understand. In my professional life I very often use a canvas to collect information in meetings or workshops and arrange it directly. …

Let’s work more visually

Engineers are mostly focused on technology but they could reach more when they change the way of communication.

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„Make things clear“, Source: www.HolgerNilsPohl.de

This week I had a very interesting workshop on the topic of “visual clarity”. What does that mean? Almost every day we are all confronted with the situation of presenting ideas, sketching processes, or visualizing elements of a conversation. But what is the best way to do that?

Holger Nils Pohl is one of the leading experts when it comes to the topic of “visual clarity”. For the first time, he taught us the most basic basics of clear and visual communication. What makes good sketches? How do I present my ideas visually? What techniques and methods are there? …

A good culture is the key to success

A simple tool for visualizing the culture of a company

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The culture map from Strategyzer

Some time ago, I was professionally confronted with the challenge of establishing a culture of innovation within the company. Every company states on its website to be innovative. The word “innovation” has been so exploited that I asked myself the following question:

  • What constitutes an innovative culture?
  • What makes it noticeable to really have an innovative culture in the company?
  • How can you present culture in a way that makes it visible and easy to understand for everyone?

I came across the Culture Map in Alexander Osterwalder’s new book “The Invincible Company” at exactly the right time. Alexander Osterwalder and his team emphasize that successful companies manage to establish and live an exploratory culture. Most companies would focus too much on the exploit part of their performance, which is also reflected in the behavior of their employees. Through my own personal experiences in my professional life, I found this approach to be very applicable, which is why I decided to take the opportunity and use the tool actively for the first time. …

Ein einfaches Werkzeug zur Visualisierung der Kultur eines Unternehmens

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Die Culture Map von Strategyzer

Vor einiger Zeit wurde ich beruflich mit der Herausforderung konfrontiert, eine Innovationskultur im Unternehmen zu etablieren. Jedes Unternehmen schreibt auf seine Website, innovativ zu sein. Das Wort “Innovation” ist so ausgeschlachtet, dass ich mich Folgendes fragte:

  • Was macht eine innovative Kultur aus?
  • Durch was macht es sich bemerkbar, wirklich eine innovative Kultur im Unternehmen zu haben?
  • Wie kann man eine Kultur so darstellen, dass sie für alle sichtbar und leicht verständlich wird?

Genau zum richtigen Zeitpunkt bin ich im neuen Buch von Alexander Osterwalder “The Invincible Company” auf die Culture Map gestossen. Alexander Osterwalder und sein Team unterstreichen darin, dass erfolgreiche Unternehmen es schaffen, eine entdeckerische Kultur (explore) zu etablieren und zu leben. Die meisten Unternehmen würden sich zu sehr auf den ausbauenden Teil (exploit) ihrer Leistung konzentrieren, was sich auch im Verhalten der Mitarbeiter bemerkbar macht. Durch meine eigenen persönlichen Erfahrungen im Berufsalltag fand ich diesen Ansatz sehr zutreffend, weshalb ich mich dazu entschlossen habe, die Gelegenheit zu nutzen und das Werkzeug erstmals aktiv zu benutzen. …

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Smart Buildings in a Smart City environment

The words Smart Buildings and digital Real Estate Management refer to open and networked data streams in buildings that are evaluated and analyzed fully automatically. An AI controls media flows and infrastructure in order to provide people with optimal living and working conditions. Strategic decisions in building and site development are made on the basis of transparent data and with maximum security within information technology. Sounds too good to be true? It is! In this article, I would like to discuss problems in the design process of Smart Buildings and what consequences it has for digital real estate management. In short, it’s not a technological problem today to make buildings intelligent — it’s a human problem. …

How to think about future trends

A very cool canvas to create future business concepts

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The world and our society are changing faster and faster: products are being launched on the market and revised at even shorter intervals. Companies should always be agile. All this demands a completely new mindset by employees. Workshops can serve to develop exactly this mindset and to be open for new trends and technologies. In this article, I would like to describe a method, that can help to open the mindset of employees and inspire them to evolve new visionary things.

Visionary Workshops

In an agile company, workshops are frequently used to develop new ideas as quickly as possible. If colleagues from different areas of the company are actively involved, problems can often be solved much better in a workshop. A heterogeneous participant landscape ensures that many different views and opinions can be captured. Visionary workshops and sprints focus on the development of future business solutions based on visions. But how can you encourage your workshop participants to think visionary? Everyone is different and thinks differently. And not everyone is immediately infected by new ideas, let alone is familiar with all the technological possibilities, that are available today and make new trends possible. …

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