Actor Tom Kiesche ( Breaking Bad ) Releases New Highly Acclaimed Novel Park Ranger Park!

Hit Novel — By: Tom Kiesche
Tom Kiesche, who I got to know as ‘ Clovis” in Breaking Bad is an actor, singer and writer, known for appearing in popular shows such as, Bones, Alien Raiders and many more TV shows, films, stage productions, and countless commercials.

His latest venture includes the release of his third novel, Park Ranger Park.

Park Ranger Park is a fast-paced fantasy, sci- fi, and adventure novel. It features strong likeable characters that are brought to life throughout the book with a story that keeps the reader on a roller coaster ride from start to completion.

No one would ever believe the truth… When several women hikers go missing in a national forest, federal authorities turn the focus of their investigation toward one particular suspect, Tim Park, especially when the park ranger’s ex-girlfriend also mysteriously vanishes. Questioned, near suspension, and under surveillance by the FBI, Park Ranger Park also disappears without a trace, at the same time as another abduction and the bloody, horrific murder of the woman’s male companion at the foot of a scenic waterfall. The fantastic part of the story truly starts when Park Ranger Park finds himself face down in a puddle of filth, on the floor of a dungeon in a wondrous otherworld. There, amongst warriors, wizards and wondeshrungs, Park finds himself fighting for his life, searching for the women he’s accused of abducting, and looking for a way back to Earth to clear his good name.

Tom stated, “I started writing plays to perhaps experience the process a playwright might go through. I then started writing screenplays, because I wanted to continue to evolve and learn as I switched from stage work as an actor, to more TV and film.

I started writing novels, because what eventually became most important in my life was creativity and having stories be heard, seen, or read by the public. Too many quality screenplays and stage plays die quiet deaths in hard drives all across America, all because too many producers are afraid of new and original voices. Also, while writing scripts and novels I visualize myself in the world of the story, and oddly it becomes another way for me to perform as an actor. Park Ranger Park started as a screenplay, which confused too many people… They’d ask questions, “Is it scary? Is it horror? Is it a fantasy? Is it science fiction? Because it also seems really funny…” Yeah, and I believe the public is smart enough, and interesting enough to love good stories that, like life itself, contain many different factors. Without getting on a soapbox, Hollywood touts itself as being creative, but unfortunately it rarely is. Just look at how many movies have become TV shows, or stage musicals, or TV shows have become movies. My hope with Park Ranger Park, the novel, was to get the story out to the public, to let the public decide if they wanted to read it, and let them decide if they wanted to see it eventually as a series on TV or as a feature film in movie theatres.
However, the best thing about feeling forced to make the original screenplay into a full-length novel, was that it allowed me to blow the world up, to really dig in and create full characters, rich back stories, and vivid scene. It was a tremendously fun and enjoyable process, and the reviews on Amazon up to this point have been amazing and readers seem to appreciate it greatly with stars. I am hoping that more readers of fiction will take a chance on Park Ranger Park and ultimately, on me,” stated Kiesche.

Tom’s book publicist, Karen Ammond from KBC Media shared that there are a multitude of organic 5 star reviews coming in each day from fans and newcomers to his writing.

A sample revew:

5.0 out of 5 stars
Fantasy at it’s finest!

If you are a fan of alternate universes, look no further. Tom Kiesche is a master at transporting you into another world as you meet a cast of interesting characters. I highly recommend this book. You won’t regret it! I am looking forward to his next book!

The book Is available on

A little about Tom Kiesche
As an actor Tom Kiesche has dozens of credits working on television, commercials, and on film. As a writer, he has had several full-length screenplays optioned and he has created several original web-series, including Kiesche has also produced short-films and won awards at film festivals, had dozens of plays, sketches, and monologues produced in theaters across the country. He is a published novelist, poet, essayist, and was a contributor for the publication “Backstage.” He has written & recorded dozens of children stories recorded, both original & adapted. He has appeared on stages and cabarets in many different cities, as an actor as well as a singer, and his YouTube channel has well over 1.5 million views.

I would head to and grab this book! It’s a great read for the beach, commuting to work or relaxing at night. It is as fun as watching Tom in any of the amazing shows he has acted in.