Are We Ready for Sex Avatars?

Jennifer Woods
Jun 18, 2018 · 5 min read

AWV Reality Thinks We Are!

I recently came across a new Indiegogo campaign that fascinated me. I wanted to investigate more, so I contacted the developers at Adult Web Virtual Reality (AWVR). This is not a ‘typical’ topic I write about, but I had thoughts on how this could help those housebound, or simply fill an empty void in someone’s life. As well as just a new kind of harmless fun to spice up a relationship. So, I queried the company for more information.

They explained that their new platform will take adult entertainment to the next level with the launch of the first customizable adult entertainment platform.

Their goal is to offer people the freedom to express themselves, since not everyone can experience a personalized fantasy on an everyday basis, but within AWVR you will be able to customize your own Avatar!

You will be able to build your ultimate avatar, take him or her to our clubs and create your own customizable personal experience. Most importantly, based on the AWVR proprietary algorithm, you can convert them to full flesh, and engage in online interactions. This means your fantasies become Virtual Reality. This is your ultimate playground. This platform, along with associated toys, wearables and virtual reality, allows you to enjoy the ultimate adult entertainment experience.

Build your own playmate by customizing:

§ Overall shape

§ Hair and facial features

§ Breast/chest

§ Genitalia and much more

You will then be able to take your avatar to one of their virtual clubs. Even create an avatar of yourself so that you can interact with your customized playmate directly.

“This platform will not only support respectful adult entertainment but will also give the user an opportunity to experience a social and sexual environment that they are never excluded from. Additionally, the platform will be set up for sexual education based on an algorithm, so that the content is directed at the correct audience. This platform is meant to make “Porn Personal” and sex less taboo,” stated AWVR production team.

Below is a Q and A I did with the company behind this new vision of Adult Entertainment.

How did your team conceive of the idea of Sex Avatars?

We had been researching virtual reality gaming techniques and artificial intelligence applications for other industries. We wanted to do something that would hold up to the latest gaming technology and more importantly the quality of the graphics that you see today with games on major consoles. It was important to make the characters look as realistic as possible with the current technology but also plan to take advantage of the latest techniques that would help us improve the realism of the characters.

After those other industries started suffering and we saw a drop in our work load it hit me, this needs to be a recession proof business. We were already on the path of creating realistic avatars, why not take this to a whole new level. The team took what we had researched and developed and moved the project in this new direction.

How long has the project been in development?

Our initial concepts started 2 years ago but it wasn’t until a year and a half ago that we changed the direction of the project to focus on the Adult Web Virtual Reality Platform. At that point we refocused our research and utilized what we knew about Virtual Reality and Artificial intelligence to create the platform we are working on today. We hired a 3D artist to handle the modeling as well as some initial rigging. This gave use the opportunity to build the 3D models to the point where we can see all of the controls in action just like our future members. We refined this and are now at the stage where we are developing the male avatar, wardrobes, hairstyles and much more.

How do you feel that virtual reality sex avatars can help relationships as well as fill a void for those who cannot have a personal sexual relationship?

The platform gives members the ability to sexually express themselves in an environment without judgement. Imagine having themed clubs at your fingertips. Choose a club and pick something off the menu that interests you or your partner. You can experiment, learn, and gain confidence. This can help partners or individuals that want to learn new techniques, work on their favorites, or just have fun.

In addition, we have had in depth discussions about the many individuals in this world that may not have access to sexual experiences for one reason or another. We want anyone to be able to experience everything from the most basic intimacy to their deepest fantasies. Our goal is to make this educational as well as entertaining.

Who is your target audience?

Everyone that meets the age requirements! We have set out to deliver a virtual reality platform that anyone can benefit from. People from all walks of life can find something here they can enjoy or learn from. We also know that Virtual Reality headsets are still pricy. We are building the platform with that in mind, so members can use the platform with and without a VR headset. So, whether you are interested in adult entertainment, pleasuring your partner, learning something new, satisfying a need or just want a place to enjoy yourself sexually then this is the place for you.

When will AWV Reality launch to consumers?

We are targeting a phase one launch date of June 2019. We have four phases that will be rolled out. Each phase takes advantage of the previous phase in regard to machine learning, artificial intelligence and maximizing the use of structured and unstructured data to deliver a custom experience for our members. We will continually develop the platform, so we take advantage of the latest technology. This means that your experiences will become increasingly realistic as the phases are rolled out.

You can secure a membership now or just learn more info on their Indiegogo page:

For more information visit:

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