Growing Weeders into Leaders — Leadership Lessons from the Ground Level By: Jeff McManus

I discovered this book via a friend and realized the value it has for anyone who wishes to excel in any field they are in! Jeff McManus answered a short Q and A to share with my readers.

Why is it important that the landscape department on the campus of the University of Mississippi (“Ole Miss”) be staffed with leaders?
Encouraging and empowering everyone to be a leader gives them ownership of their attitude, their actions and their results. Leading by example, while encouraging others to lead, creates a culture of excellence.
What was a turning point for getting your team behind your vision of being “the best of the best”?

I knew we were getting traction when I heard the staff talking about being the best of the best as it related to the quality of their mowing technique. We learned as kids playing sports that people take pride in being Number 1. I try to tap into that natural drive to be winners, to be successful at what we do and simply strive to be the best. 
Your book title refers to “Leadership Lessons from the Ground Level.” What does this mean?

Leadership works at all levels of the organization. Most books today simply focus on the people in the C-Suite. My book gets down to the ground level of a large organization and shows how everyone makes a difference for the entire organization by taking ownership, buying into a culture of excellence and developing leaders at all levels.

Jeff McManus

Thank you to Mr. McManus for taking the time to share information about his career and book.

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