Unify Earth Systems announces Four Major Clients in Partnership with the UN’s SDGs — HealRWorld®, HopSports®, Kinect® and Pi.Eco®

Jennifer Woods
Nov 8, 2018 · 3 min read
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Unify Earth Systems, Ltd., a Bahamian-based technology services company, announces a series of new clients integrating their business and services on the firm’s Unify Core Blockchain 3.0 platform. HealRWorld®, HopSports®, Kinect® and Pi.Eco®. Each of these incredible innovators have joined Unify Earth in aligning with the United Nations to achieve the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Led by Michele Bongiovanni, HealRWorld® uses data to improve financial options for small and medium enterprises (SME) that support the UN’s SDGs.

Founded by Tom Root over two decades ago, HopSports® is mission-driven to empower, educate and reward youth for engaging in healthy activities and wise problem-solving. With a current impact on the wellness of four million children, HopSports® views the Unify Earth platform as the ultimate solution to scale to 100 million lives in the next few years.

Kinect®, headed by Toby Carroll, works with governments and international donor organizations across Africa to deliver healthcare interactivity through Unify Earth’s smart contracts that rewards desired personal, patient and medical staff behavior with a strategic end state of improved health outcomes, higher quality data, and eventual patient adherence.

Finally, co-founded by Chief Operating Officer, Kyle Barnette, Pi.Eco® applies advanced, leading-edge technologies to produce sustainable and profitable solutions to the most challenging pollution problems facing the planet, by providing multiple advanced sustainable and technological innovations which convert man-made environmental contaminants, such as plastic, into usable, consumer-grade fuel.

“We partnered with Unify Earth because it was the perfect, values-aligned platform to offer transparency across all of our stakeholders and patient interactions, while securely capturing key data points from patients and individuals, and rewarding them via Unify Earth smart contracts, preventing the spread of infectious diseases and changing the way the world views wellness management,” said Carroll of Kinect.

“At HealRWorld, we know that the most impactful organizations on the planet are small to medium-sized enterprises or SMEs,” offered Bongiovanni. “With Unify Earth’s focus on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, we are better able to leverage best in class blockchain solutions to democratize access to resources for smaller impact organizations and, in doing so, enhance the definition of success,” she concluded.

“We consider ourselves to be in full harmony with Unify Earth. We know that they have the best methodology to incentivize behavior toward a direct and immediate impact on the health of the entire planet,” offered Pi.Eco’s Barnette. “Knowing that we are part of an eco-system of teams, all working to provide business solutions aligned with goals that 193 nations have agreed upon is just icing on the cake.”

“With the technological capacity and expertise to bring solutions, like our ‘Brain-Breaks’ program, to scale, we knew that Unify Earth, with its ability to document and reward positive choices in self-care while aligning with values-forward organizations like ours, was the perfect decision for us,” offered HopSport’s CEO Tom Root.

“We welcome you to learn more about these amazing partners and to join us by downloading your own Unify Earth wallet at Unify.Earth, where you will receive exclusive announcements, leading up to our public launch the first week of February 2019,” explained Unify Earth CEO Bo Rinaldi.

About Unify Earth

Unify Earth Network® is a Bahamian-based technology company whose values encompass inclusion for all global citizens utilizing its decentralized Blockchain 3.0 platform. Guided by and committed to the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Unify Earth® is leading with values first, delivering a future-proof platform that has been designed for the good of all humanity by humanizing the Blockchain.

For media queries, please contact Unify Earth’s Communications Director, Col. (USA, Ret.) Arnold V. Strong at arnold@unifyholding.com or at mobile and WhatsApp at 503.428.0579 or visit us at Unify Earth.

Jennifer Woods

Written by

Entertainment Writer, Books, Authors, Politics, Indie Films, Lifestyle, Tech, Start-ups

Jennifer Woods

Written by

Entertainment Writer, Books, Authors, Politics, Indie Films, Lifestyle, Tech, Start-ups

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