Thanks for your measured and reflective response.
Traditional Tradesman

I agree that we need to start from now & do better…

Like showing people that they are being stupid when they make assumptions about people just because of the colour of their skin.

Like making sure that institutions don’t wilfully discriminate on the basis of race.

Like making sure that people who’ve grown up being treated like second class individuals get a fair shake.

Like working out that when you’re dealing with a community with a history of being done down by systematic discrimination, you need to take special steps to support them while they get up & running (and that one’s for all the self-indulgent white folks who’ll come back and say “but black folks get special treatment all the time, that’s not fair, that’s racist!”)

And lastly, but most of all, the US legal system needs to take a look at its history of ignoring treaties with indigenous nations, and work out how to sort out the mess they’ve made of their own system. Otherwise the rest of the world can just look at you and all your claims about “we the people” and just laugh.