Why Are White People So Bad At Talking About Race?
Courtney Martin

I guess the comments on here were just what I expected.

People who look different get treated differently all round the world, but in the US it’s structural, it’s poisonous and it’s written into your much vaunted constitution. If you think you’re having a bad time, try being indigenous — in N Dakota there might as well be a local bylaw against being red & walking around, with a mandatory jail sentence for anyone accused.

Most of the comments here seem to come from a bunch of petulant children, complaining that things aren’t fair because they might have to consider someone else’s feelings. And they might have to start working for their advantages, instead of taking them just because they’re not black or indigenous. Being told that you could do better is difficult? Well no shit, sherlock!

Listen, guys (and interestingly they did seem to be guys this time) — grow up. Life isn’t fair, you know? How many times have black people been told that?