A bit more ‘blather' for you to try and get to grips with.
gerard harris

It might surprise you to hear that actually I agree that the brexit decision was finely balanced. The thing that finally persuaded me to vote remain was the gargantuan administrative task involved — I just don’t think the civil service is up to the job, and achieving brexit will take their eyes off sooo many important balls, like setting appropriate safeguards round fracking, dealing with the housing crisis, coping with climate change….

But I can’t see anything in my comment that justifies your “dastardly plot” allegation. You surely cannot deny that the Mail, the Telegraph & the Sun have been issuing “fake news” about the EU for many years? Or that the owners of these rags stand to benefit significantly from brexit?

I was not trying to add new issues to the discussion, by the way, just pointing out that name calling is not rational argument. And that comment stands.

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