“you’re unwilling to consider explicitly (at the moment) the possibility that Trump might be just…
Ash Sharp

It’s an interesting place, medium — you get to debate all sorts of stuff with all sorts of people. I try to talk rather than shout- perhaps because like you I’m English — and starting from posts you disagree with is a great way to get outside the sort of bubble the algorithms create.

I do wonder how far Trump’s finances will actually suffer as a result of his election — I suspect that the people he’s (supposedly) got running his empire will be a lot better than he is at weathering the storms that are gathering, and as President he can make decisions that help them, for example by trying to prop up fossil fuels, which runs against the trend of the markets.

I’m not sure I have enough understanding of who he is to know whether he’s being true to that, either — he seems to swing like a weathercock. Maybe I’m biased by my dislike of Alan Sugar?

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