Excuse me, but what nation do YOU live in?

It’s interesting that the world you see is sooo different to the one I live in.

I know there are white people who are very much at the bottom of the heap — there always have been. But when you look at the stats, the proportion of black/latinx/native people who are stuck at the bottom of that heap is much bigger. And the proportions at the top are the mirror image of that. Systemic discrimination is alive and well, it affects a growing minority of white people and a majority of black/latinx/native people.

There is overwhelming evidence that the forces of “law and order” treat black/latinx/native people very differently — there is an assumption that they are always going to be a problem, that they are likely to be dangerous, which is a self fulfilling prophesy. I’m sure that disadvantaged white minority is also being targeted, but it would be sensible to deal with the problem at source rather than blaming the victims who don’t look like you.

Many black/latinx/native people would say that they are already fighting a civil war — look at what happened at Standing Rock. Do you know that of the 500 or so legal cases so far concluded from this protest, just 10 people have actually been convicted, and one of those is being appealed?

I understand your fear, but the threats we all face are from multi-national companies running riot, not from individual people. I am more worried about where our children will get their drinking water from than about a re-run of the American civil war.

You lost that one, get over it.

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