The Clash of Elite vs. People Interests.
Floris Koot

The people who fight the trolls that turn up on Standing Rock pages have come up with a great way to use them as ways to get out of the bubble.

Some of these trolls are bots, or dummy pages — you can recognise them because their facebook home pages are nearly empty and have no links to other people. These trolls you just highlight as “not real people — ignore”.

Where there are real living people behind the nastyness, you go to their FB home page and start chatting to their friends, establishing yourself as a nice person who just has different views — that usually gets you well out of the bubble. Once you’re in there, chatting to people, the troll finds that his/her friends don’t understand why they are attacking you.

In any case, the best way to talk to a troll is kindly and sympathetically, listening to what they say and taking them seriously enough to provide sensible responses. This can be hard work — it’s often done by the “white allies” from Standing Rock because it’s just too much to expect of someone who’s been the victim of racism for 500 years. And you do have to have a good grip of the evidence on climate change, the dangers of fracking and the way the fossil fuel industry is falling apart — many of these people are paid by megacorps to spread disinformation. But it’s a great way to get out of the carefully designed FB bubble system.

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