Fuck this White Dude Game Theory
Ijeoma Oluo

You can tell how good this is — it’s collected some committed naysayers who rant on for pages.

If anyone things that there ISN’T clear and obvious cause for protest, think about this:

Trump has already been called out for acting unconstitutionally

#BlackLivesMatter have (to say the least) identified some remaining civil rights issues

#StandingRock shows that some US police forces have a shakey understanding of their powers as regards native Americans and corporate giants — and there are more treaty violations on the way

#WaterIsLife is becoming more and more of a concern — coal washings in your drinking water coming to a river near you, never mind the issues at Flint and around oil pipelines

So yes, there are a number of issues that need action but they are all related and can all be loosely linked under “Enforcing our constitution”. Not exactly rocket science.

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