Let me offer a “similar example”:
Louis Weeks

Perhaps your thinking is clouded because you project this onto others. When you were younger and your father (or mother) got a speeding ticket, did you need to leave the country? What about when they were delinquent on a cable or electricity bill? Did you need to leave the country?

People are coming here for the opportunity of a better life. Many risk death for giving their kids something that just isn’t available where they’re coming from. These kids (96% of them) are employed or are in school. They have woven themselves into the American fabric and are, to be blunt, as American as you and I. Not only do they benefit, but America benefits as well. They make significant contributions to the economy which translates into higher revenue for states. They start business and create jobs.

I’d suggest that before displaying your white-nationlist view and imply what America is, or should look like, and make poorly-written and poorly-thought-out analogies, you take a look at the facts and realize that we’re a nation of immigrants, some documented and some not, that mostly seek towards living together and promoting the American dream.