Forty Acres (Book Review)

Now I don’t want to overrate this book but I might considering I just finished reading the critically acclaimed yet highly overrated (IMO) book called “The Goldfinch” before I read this book. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and thought it was a better read than Goldfinch. Now I don’t want to spend this review slandering Goldfinch so I’ll stick to talking about Forty Acres from here on out.

Race and racism in particular are topics that people claim they are willing to talk about but they are usually lying. This book deals with race, racism, white supremacy, black protectionism, and many other serious topics through a great story. Well maybe I should say it’s great at times. I’m not one of these people who will break down a book and say “That could never happen because..”. It’s a work of fiction so of course some things may not be believable but then again when I watch the news everyday I see shit that I would have never thought could be possible.

This book made me think, have serious discussions and I also learned something. And best of all it made me feel (Pause). One of the the most powerful things a book can do is evoke emotion. It may not sound like much but I read a lot of books (over 100 the last 2 years) and many made me feel nothing at all. They are good stories but when they are over they are over. This book will stick with me forever.

Now the book wasn’t perfect. I know it sounds like I’m giving the author a blumpkin but I did have some issues. I never put spoilers in my reviews but I will say I wasn’t excited about the ending and there were story lines I wish were explored further. I was so impressed with the book however, that I looked up the author and found out this was his first novel. I am a fan after Forty Acres and I will be looking out for his future work. This was a great first novel and I would definitely recommend it.

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