Voter Fraud: What’s Being Missed

Much has been made of President Trump’s opinion that 3 to 5 million fraudulent votes were cast in the 2016 election. The suspicion that fraud exists stems from various studies which have shown voter rolls contain many who are registered in multiple states or may have even been deceased. These references have been covered heavily and as such I’ll simply reference them at the bottom of this article. For myself however I think there’s another issue which is of far greater importance.

Sean Spicer on Wednesday, in passing, mentioned those with “driver’s licenses” but didn’t elaborate on what he meant. I tweeted Spicer the day before with the following tweet.

Now I’m not suggesting he got the idea from me, but I hadn’t seen anyone mention this prior to me tweeting it. In truth, my guess is the administration has long known of these types of licenses, but one can dream ha ha. These driver’s licenses are licenses issued by states who’s recipients are illegal immigrants. Washington state was the first to pass a bill such as this beginning in 1993. To my knowledge 13 states as of 2016 have passed similar bills enabling this type of license.

Example: Illegal Immigrant License

These licenses cannot be used as identification. Their intent is for authorizing the holder to drive. Each state differs slightly so I’d refer you to the respective state’s bill. However, the idea is to encourage immigrants to pass a driver’s license test and obtain auto insurance.

Interestingly, all but two of the states with illegal immigrant driver’s license laws enacted their bills shortly before this past presidential election. The exceptions being Washington state and Utah.

So what’s the big deal? After all, it seems smart to mitigate the issue of uninsured motorists on the roads. The issue lies in the requirements for voter registration. Most voter registration forms require either a driver’s license number or a social security number. A few states require both. Alarmingly some states allow registering without either.

Many of the immigrant driver’s license bills have a requirement that the issued license have a distinguishable or recognizable difference to those of legal residents. However this would not be useful if an illegal immigrant entered their license number online or on a form later to be mailed.

The danger here is that licenses of this type could be used as the requirement for voter registration. It is unclear if each state makes the license number also distinguishable from those of legal residents.

To test this concern an unnamed holder’s license number, of this type, was used on two state’s online voter registration forms. The form for both accepted the number without issue. It should be noted that the form was NOT completed or submitted as that would obviously be inappropriate. The test was done only to determine if the online form made any distinction of the number verses a legal resident’s number. It did not.

What’s more is that some states such as Florida, which do not have an immigrant driver’s license law, allow simply checking “none” as opposed to providing either a driver’s license number or social security number.

Florida’s Printed Registration Form

California on top of the immigrant driver’s license bill allows registering online without either a license number or social security number. The form’s fields for both respectively, are NOT required nor mutually exclusive. Meaning both can be checked “I do not have a [insert DL or SSN].”

California’s Online Voter Registration Form

On Twitter California’s Secretary of State Alex Padilla was asked if an AB-60 driver’s license holder could use such a license to register to vote. He did not answer. This past Wednesday though, Mr. Padilla was interviewed on MSNBC. When asked what “checks and balances” were in place to prevent illegal registrations, he deflected saying he would get to those in a minute. At the end of the interview he finally disclosed that the prevention in place is that the registrant must check a box under penalty of perjury that they are a U.S. citizen. In a phrase it’s the honor system.

Beyond these concerns some have illegally registered to vote through the “Motor Voter System”. This happens both inadvertently and intentionally due to the inextricable ease at which registering can be accomplished. It’s as simple as checking a box on the form then returning by mail.

In recent days it’s been said repetitively, “there’s no evidence of large scale voter fraud”. In defense of these pundits what comes to mind are massive amounts of people colluding to vote for others, vote for the dead or drive to other states that they’re registered in to then vote. For the most part this does seem rather unlikely. What’s alarming is that these same pundits refuse to even mention the issue of illegal immigrants and fraudulent registrations. It is real and there is hard evidence to support it.

What’s my point? Perhaps we’re looking in the wrong place. Perhaps it’s not someone voting in multiple states or voting for the dead although that too can happen. Perhaps it’s the facile manner in which illegal immigrants can outright register to vote!

Even our electoral college seats have been effected by illegal immigrants. The electoral college is made up of 538 seats. A 103 of those comprised of 1 seat per senator and 3 allocated for Washington D.C. The resulting 435 seats are calculated by census. Every 10 years these 435 seats are reapportioned to reflect any changes in population based on the last census. Did you catch the issue? That’s right, the 14th amendment makes no distinction between citizen and illegal immigrant. As you can imagine then, some states with high immigrant populations could receive extra electoral seats when in fact they should not!

The aim here is not to target or smear illegal immigrants. However in a study by Old Dominion University and George Mason University in 2014, 6.4% of an estimated 26 million illegal immigrants admitted they voted in the 2008 election. To suggest illegal registration and voting doesn’t exist would be ignorant.

Even further, statistician Nate Silver from the firm Five Thirty Eight, stated that states without Voter ID laws would in fact experience a higher degree of non-citizen voting. In Silver’s study he indicated non-citizen votes could be as high as 2.9 million in a given year.

If you have a modicum of honesty you realize there are some unanswered questions here. Until a comprehensive look into illegal registration and subsequent voting are completed, I genuinely don’t believe it’s fair to suggest anyone is lying about anything. Yes you can say there’s no evidence of widespread voter fraud as we’ve heard at nauseam, but that’s only because the issue of illegal immigrant registration and subsequent voting has not been fully examined.

To that I would say:

Before Aristotle proved the earth was round I’m certain Pythagoras, who’s attributed with it’s discovery was probably told, “but there’s not a shred of evidence.”


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