Read It and Liked It, 1/25/17

Like a lot of people, I struggle with impostor syndrome to some degree, because I think I’ll always find reasons to doubt whether what I’m doing really has a place among the other people I read. I’m sure even some of the writers I look up to struggle with the same thing, and I have to remind myself that I’m doing now far more than I ever thought I would.

A part of what inspires this feeling is when I read something that leaves me wishing I had written it myself. It’s a backwards compliment, but the first of my list today fits that description.

  1. “Alternate Facts Of The Chicago Sports World” — Tim Baffoe, CBS Chicago (link). Baffoe uses the current political environment as a jumping off point for a rather scathing review of the Chicago sports landscape. Minus the Cubs, that is.
  2. “The Dodgers’ trade for Logan Forsythe is familiar, boring, and efficient” — Grant Brisbee, SB Nation (link). I’m partially just relieved that the rumors of the Dodgers’ interest in Javy Baez turned up empty, but also appreciate this piece for providing example of the difference in how the Dodgers are run these days. They’re getting kinda scary.
  3. “Michael H. Goldberg, 73, Lawyer Who Bridged A.B.A. and N.B.A., Dies” — Richard Sandomir, New York Times (link). A piece of basketball’s history that I was not terribly familiar with.
  4. “Royals share pain with Yordano Ventura’s family at funeral in Dominican Republic” — Vahe Gregorian, Kansas City Star (link). Gut-wrenching, but Gregorian chronicles the day beautifully.
  5. “Calipari ‘not getting through’ for UK” — Fletcher Page, (link). Details matter, and UK’s loss to Tennessee yesterday might have come down to some spilled water that didn’t get wiped up. I’m biased, but I’ve been of the mind that Calipari doesn’t get credit for his coaching abilities because too many focus on just the recruiting that he does.
  6. “Gary Sheffield and the war on WAR” — Zach Crizer, Beyond the Box Score (link). Great look at the impact of Sheffield’s defense on his overall WAR and how he is perceived. I think we forget just how dominant of a hitter he was. This was just excellent.

That’s it today. Enjoy.

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